Melissa Sommer is a transformational business coach, intuitive guide, and creative visionary. Her divine purpose is to empower others to live out their Inner Greatness and experience a life of freedom, fulfillment, and abundance. Melissa has worked with thousands of people globally to shift their current paradigm and breakthrough to new levels of success, health, and happiness and achieve results beyond what they thought was possible. She encourages entrepreneurs and transformational leaders to think from a higher perspective to generate creative solutions from a joyful, uplifting and highly energized, coherent state.This contagious energy results in commitment and moves people to take inspired action.

   Melissa believes that genuine success begins with staying true to who you are. She is devoted to guiding people to step into a deeper level of authentic power that is based on connection and higher service. She believes that obstacles and challenges are opportunities for growth when we slow down and reconnect to our innate wisdom. Melissa helps people gain insight and access the creative genius within themselves. She is dedicated to the elevation of human consciousness and heart-centered service to activate the full blossoming of potential in individuals and organizations around the world.


   Melissa will guide you on your entrepreneurial journey with enthusiasm, clarity, and focus. She will help you connect to your purpose, feel joy, find your soul tribe, and get into the flow of peace, balance, and ease. You will feel guided, empowered, and self-assured, with a clear game plan for your success.

"Limitless power is God's gift to you, because it is what you are."

-A Course in Miracles